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About Dobuy Academy

The dobuy Academy is an educational wing of dobuy Digital Platform (www.thedobuy.com) which is performing under the MGI Blockchain Technology, a subsidiary of the MGI Group (www.mariaintl.com). The objective of dobuy Academy is to bring awareness about the Future Technologies including Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Internet of Things (IoT), Nano Technology, Digital Marketing, etc.. among common people (by common people we mean people who are not specialized IT professionals or Financial professionals or not even specialized in any area) and make them capable of getting the advantage of these technologies in the modern era.


With the emergence of upcoming technologies into the day-to-day lives of common people directly or indirectly yet the common people still unreachable even to the basics of the Future Technologies and their benefits, due to several factors, we came up with the idea of dobuy Academy.


This has great significance especially in the current world scenario, affected severely by the Pandemic of Corona COVID-19, where unemployment rates are increasing globally day to day because of cost-cutting strategies implemented by big and small corporations alike. The New World strategy or order, either for corporates or for individuals will be on adoption and adaptation to all possible technologies to save costs, maximize the utilization of available resources, and increasing the revenue plus diving deep to see sources of extra income with extra input of time and efforts. We are seeing this already with the emergence of digital currencies and payment systems, usage of blockchain and nanotechnology, etc.


In the New World Order, people who doesn’t have basic knowledge on the upcoming or future technologies (as it’s called in different names in different part of the world), will be same as a person who was not able to read and write before 20 years ago. Our main aim is the upliftment of common people in this New World, by providing them the basic concepts of these technological innovations and making them too a part of the Digital World, pawing roads for them to earn in the New World, and making them self-sustainable and survivable.



dobuy Academy has faculties ranging from Senior Professors and Research Scientists with hands-on experience in diversified areas to our own in-house developed Artificial Intelligence-based BOT called ‘bibee’, designed to lecture as well as conduct examinations for the students. dobuy Academy is a violent blend of modernity and traditions; we focus on the latest innovative technologies, for the common man, at the same time without making slightest diversification to the reverence, respect and integrity of the historical pedagogical culture.




We deliver Certificate Programs, Courses and Trainings

Recognizing the potential impact of blockchain as an emerging technology in various industries and services, we would like to provide insights on basic fundamentals of blockchain and its use case implementations
Blockchain - An area of interest for many as it creates a new opportunity for innovation, and people are curious to know more about the potential application of blockchain

Why Blockchain

is Revolutionary?
• Blockchain, fundamentally is about sharing data. All businesses today are data businesses ie they make money from data and may not be willing to share it. You can decentralize your business model and unlock efficiency / value within your network
• So, one needs to understand what it really means to decentralize
• Blockchain technology is currently creating an exuberance in diversified industries including banks, public and private enterprises


What We Offer?

Blockchain Training Programs

We deliver custom training for beginners and business decision makers with top notch tools and real use cases.

Blockchain Consulting

We help public and private sectors evaluate the needs for blockchain adoption, product scope, technical designs and implementation guidelines

Blockchain Product Development

We develop both public and private enterprise blockchain solution for industries customized for their requirements.

What You Will Learn?

Introduction to Blockchain
Basics of Blockchain & Blockchain Typology
Importance of Blockchain
Technical Features
Blockchain use-cases and applications

Who Is This For?

Non-IT Professionals - Helps to position yourself in the rapid growing industry
University Graduates / Students - Unique for career advancement
Managers / Dept. Heads - Helps to understand how blockchain changes your industry before it disrupts your business

Curriculum Highlights

We help our students to leverage blockchain technology to the maximum advantage with both online and offline courses. We deliver basic blockchain introduction with commonly used definitions protocols.

Our Faculty

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