Course Structure:

Blockchain & Crypto Currency Fundamentals – Applications & Trading.
Course Materials: Booklets, Video Classes.
Practical Trading Lessons through listed Exchanges.
Estimated Average Course duration: 4 to 6 Weeks

Course Materials:

• Course includes 4 Volumes of proprietary booklets prepared by experts in the industry.
• Video tutorials on Blockchain and Crypto currency
• Video tutorial on how to create own crypto-wallets
• Video tutorial on trading platforms
• Guidelines and materials to do practical trading on selected platforms


Blockchain is the future backbone of technology. Corporates and governments are already moving their process and procedures to Blockchains, considering the transparency element and untamperable nature along with the automation capability with smart contracts.

We believe, basic education of such technology is going to be a prerequisite for any type of employments in the near future.



• Fundamental knowledge of Blockchain technology gives a competitive edge in the market place.

• Crypto currencies and other digital assets are constantly increasing the value and presence in the market. Training on such assets can increase overall asset value, income and transactional capabilities.

• Protect self from skimmers and spammers


With dobuy Academy, we provide 150 dobuy Crypto currency tokens shall be provided to every joiner for practical trading in a listed Exchange. 

We also provide, referral commission to those who interested in participating in the referral program. 

Certificate shall be issued from European Digital University, Delaware, USA

Placement after successful completion of course, with MGI Groups associates.


Certification Procedure:

 • Every participant should comply with the European Digital University, procedures to be eligible for certification.

• ‘bibee’ an AI bot conducts all Examinations and practice sessions.

• Participants can practice with the question library, with the bot, which shall correct you incase if you choose wrong answers.

• All questions are MCQ (Multiple choice questions)

• 30 questions need to be answered in the exam, with in 30 Minutes.

• At least 21 (70%) should be correct to pass the examination.



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